Printer Setting

Printer settings help you to better adapt the 3D printer with this system. You can view and change these settings at any time to ensure that these options are what you need.

Printer Architecture

The default printer architecture is Cartesian coordinate system.

  • Line Width

Line Width determines the width of lines. 0~10mm are acceptable. Similar to layer height, it also cannot change the amount of clay extruded from the printer. This setting lets you configure how compressed or “squished together” those layers should be. It is related to the layer height, and we recommend you to consider them as a whole when setting. Before printing, the line width and layer height are the same. After printing, under the interaction between the layers, the line width is greater than the layer height. The adjustment settings of these two parameters help you coordinate these two factors.

  • Layer Height

The layer height refers to the printing thickness of each layer(default value: 1mm). You are allowed to set it between 0~10mm.

The amount of clay extruded from the printer is based on the size of the attached nozzle and extrusion speed of your printer, but this setting makes you configure how compressed or “squished together” those layers should be. Low layer height will be very tight/squished and high layer height will be very loose and noodle-like.

You may opt for a greater layer height when using a larger diameter nozzle, or a smaller layer height if you want a higher resolution.

  • Printer Speed

The Printer Speed is set to the best possible setting for your printer (default setting: 1500). You can make adjustments according to the specific conditions of the printer and the items to be printed.

The adjustable range is 0 to 2000.

  • Extrusion Ratio

The Extrusion Ratio is set to the best possible setting for your printer (default setting: 100). You may wish to adjust the ratio from your printer, depending on the type of printer you use.

The adjustable range is 0 to 300.

  • Skirt Offset

The Skirt Offset is set to the best possible setting for your printer (default setting: 25). This value represents the number of millimeters the skirt will print away from your model.

The skirt printed around the base is a “ring”, which could be removed after printing. Skirts serve a useful purpose which help prime your extruder and establish a smooth flow of clay before the print begins. The skirt also helps you to detect and adjust any leveling or adhesion issues before printing. A larger skirt will take up more room on your print surface, but also give you more time to ensure a smooth print.

The adjustable range is 0 to 100.

  • Printer Center X&Y

Printer Center X&Y are used to locate the print center. The X and Y values respectively represent the distance value from the origin of the printer’s coordinates.

The adjustable range is 0 to 300mm.

If the printer is made by Eazao Zero, we recommend to adjust both the value of X&Y into 75mm, which is the center of the printer platform.

Printer Type

Here you can choose the printer type, you can also change the printer type by clicking the printer name on the main window. After the printer type is selected, the corresponding printing center and the accommodating space of the machine will be automatically adjusted accordingly.

If the final model you designed is different from the printed result, it is a good choice to re-check the printer settings to make sure they are correct.

Gcode Information

You can enter Head and End gcodes that are suitable for the printer you have selected here.


Printer Architecture

Printer Type

Gcode Information